Warehouse & Cargo Handling

We carry on business as general contractors for loading into and unloading from any carriers, packing, bagging, mixing and handling of fertilizers, chemicals, minerals, raw materials etc. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive range of port cargo handling include loading /discharging cargo from vessels, transportation, packaging, warehousing and other related services in the Penang Port.

Throughout the years of operation, our business had grown and diversified into supplying material handling equipment facilities. We involve in renting of forklift, bulldozer, excavator, hand pallet truck and automated equipment to meet our customers ever demanding needs.

We are constantly seeking to upgrade our customer services and provide a better solution to our customers. We believe in long-term partnership.

Our Core Business Activities:
  • Labor Contractor/ Project Cargo Handling of Loose Bulk or Bag Cargo Fertilizers/Raw Materials includes sorting, mixing, crushing, sieving, bagging, packing and stacking.
  • Transporting of fertilizers (cargo shipments) from the port to the respective destination.
  • Warehousing for receiving and storing of fertilizers/raw materials
  • Stuffing and unstuffing container
  • Installation and positioning of heavy machinery
  • Tally-clerk & supervision of incoming & outgoing fertilizers/ raw materials
  • Stevedoring
  • Supplying wooden pallets with size: 6’ x 4’
Our People At Work!
1. Discharging of fertilizer from the vessel
2. Unloading fertilizer from the cargo hold in the vessel.
3. Discharging of bulk fertilizer from the vessel into tipper lorries for conveyance to the warehouse.

Mountain of fertilizers are stored at warehouse.

Loose bulk of fertilizers are waiting for packing/ bagging process

4. Receiving of fertilizer into the warehouse.

Heaping of loose bulk of fertilizers by using excavator.

5. Bagging fertilizers with manpower and using facilities such as hoppers & weighing scale for desired weight and pallets to forklift!

Heaping of loose bulk of fertilizers by using excavator.

Heaping of loose bulk of fertilizers by using excavator.

6. Mixer plant for fertilizers packing and drum mixing operation in the warehouse – mixing of tailor-made mixtures of fertilizers.
Mixer Plant for Fertilizers

Fertilizers from the mixer plant are being packed into bags with standard size and weight.

7. Finished goods/ packed fertilizers to be stacked on the pallet which support and structure the packed fertilizers in a stable condition.

Using forklifts to do the stacking job!

After packed, the finished goods are stacked on the pallets.

8. We provide secured warehouse for the storage of customers’ goods.

Warehouse at port for storage of fertilizers.

9. Finished goods/ packed fertilizers at the warehouse are ready for delivery.

Stacks of bagged fertilizers awaiting for delivery to customers.

10. Stacking of bagged fertilizers into lorries for delivery to customers.